Monday, November 17, 2008

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Yikes, i came across to Muiz's Blog, and astonished by this song, though.

Bob Marley , one of the great singer sang this don't worry, be happy.
Here's the lyric,

Here's a little song i wrote,
you might want to sing it note for note,
don't worry, be happy

in every life we have some trouble,
when you worry you make it double
don't worry, be happy

dont worry be happy now
dont worry be happy (4X)
aint got no place to lay your head,
somebody came and took your bed,
don't worry, be happy

the landlord say your rent is late,
he may have to litagate,
dont worry (small laugh) be happy,

look at me im happy,
don't worry, be happy

i give you my phone number,
when your worried, call me,
i make you happy

don't worry, be happy

aint got no cash, aint got no style,
aint got no gal to make you smile
but don't worry, be happy

cos when you worry, your face will frown,
and that will bring everybody down,
so don't worry, be happy

don't worry, be happy now...
don't worry, be happy (4x)

now there this song i wrote
i hope you you learned it note for note
like good little children

dont worry be happy

listen to what i say
in your life expect some trouble
when you worry you make it double
dont worry be happy
be happy now

dont worry, be happy (4x)
dont worry
dont worry be happy
don't worry, don't worry, don't do it,
be happy,put a smile on your face,
don't bring everybody down like this

don't worry, it will soon pass whatever it is,
don't worry, be happy,
i'm not worried

Guess what, you gotta listen to this song. Let us sing it when you feel gloom and sad. Well, not necessarily..haha.
Kick aside your worry, and live your life to the max. It's a part of being positive and psychologically, happiness effects our way of thinking and behaviour. People tend to think wisely and making better decision when they are in a mood. It's awesome.
You can get it at (sorry Muiz) Haha.

One love

One thing, i forgot to post about my babies..and post a poem instead. Well, my mind just so messed up with this and that. I beg your pardon =)


anisdiyana said...

so...dun worry be happy^^ bnyk2 senyum ye..hueee muke masam takot nk tego..ngee~

Akmal said...

don woooorrriii.....beee happyyyy.... :D

Benz said...

thx guys. haha, enjoy it~ yay

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